Garbage Bug in game

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [USA]

For some unknown reason my tier 4 Dono’ Thelpup died when he and I got on an elevator
if you want proof i have screenshots of the dead bearer and of the Event log.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Boot up conan exiles
  2. get in a lobby
  3. go up an elevator
  4. look at your dead bearer

Seams that he ported to you while you where on the way up the elevator and fell to his death. This can happen with thralls that are set to follow as after you get so far away they will be ported to you even when its not safe for them

A way i avoid this is by telling them to stop following and then use the place and guard to get them back into my base


Okay then it is obvious this needs to be fixed.


I’ve had a similar thing happen, but it was Ciria the Mad (a T4 Fighter) I lost to this bug, I agree it needs fixing and ASAP. One way they could fix it is making sure Thralls only teleport to your position at ground level, with things like ceilings, stairs, ramps and foundations treated as ground level, but not moving objects like elevators.

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I never have had this happen all my thralls have always been on a walkable level before I even arrived at the destination. So this would be weird it happened at all. I think this would be a bug for sure if this happens more often than not because thrall teleporting seems to be fine for me and I know my thrall can’t ride the elevator.

I have climbed the mountaineers mountain and had the thrall beat me there I have ridden a elevator with nearly no flat surface before that was at least the same height as the mountaineers mountain and the thrall was there safely this obviously is a bug because I don’t have it or have had it at any time so this would need to be corrected.

While it hasn’t happened to you befor it can still happen if the elvetor is up to high and counts the thrall being to far away and sometimes it will think a small vacant part of the elevator is normal ground. Have to rember that its a fall that is high enough to kill a high health thrall. Sometimes you can get lucky where it dosnt happen but then again not all of us are lucky and lose the things that we don’t want to

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True but I am curious of location of the elevator and in which area you have the base and such as they are suppose to spawn on a flat surface which has always been my case on most cases I am the one falling to my death however I guess it’s just a locational problem rather than a elevator and teleporting problem because I could see the terrain being the actual issue.

Hello @Austin5404, welcome to the community and thank you for your submission!

We’ve just registered this issue for the developers to investigate, in the meantime please consider the workaround that @CrimsonDrake1984 has kindly suggested.