Gas immune pets?

Apologies if this was discussed elsewhere already but having a few pets immune to the gas and poisoning arrows/orbs would be beneficial to raids and raid defense, as it stands now everyone just hides on a ledge with a bow and slowly picks off tames which I get, it’s smart it takes very little resources and effort with more gain if people aren’t paying attention to their stuff, but adding a few creatures that are immune would certainly change half of the raid experience making people change it up a little and make things more interesting, I know you can put sandstorm masks on thralls but there’s not much help or diversity for pets sadly and it really limits them in defense and offense situations

I would agree with you, but…It is insanely easy to get pets. I can, with 3 pet pens, have 50+ pets in 24 hours. And we don’t have to feed anymore. Most PVP bases are loaded with lag inducing pets. So getting an elite is not necessary to get that effect.
If we make pets immune to poison (or some of them) then training would need a serious nerf (treat them like thralls, and make it so you have to have food on them constantly while they train).
Only option i could agree on as things sit is maybe some elites are immune, or non “real” animals like rock nose or reapers could be immune.

I think sand reapers should by default be immune to poison and same with rock nose.

But none of this would matter, people would just change to normal arrows for these and pick em off that way.

so unfortunately while this change would be nice it would be pointless at the same time :frowning:


normal arrows would do way less damage if i am not mistaken. Gas orbs can be lit up occasionally as well, doing area damage explosion to the animals.

that is a different situation yet again, gas/poison immune pets will still get hurt by gas arrows that are lit by explosives.

There are a number of different arrows that can be used that do different amount of damage, and while gas / poison might stack and be a little quicker normally you still have the issue where people can snipe out these animals with other arrows, explosives or gas and explosive combo…

point is it would not help to stop people killing your pets out of their range.

i don’t call it an issues, i call it the only way to raid a zoo base.

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People should absolutely be able to “snipe” zoo bases with gas. Having hundreds of easy to farm pet mobs in and around a base makes it way too easy for low effort defenders. Gassing is a fair counter and necessary to clear mobs, especially when excessive landclaim garbage prevents shelling them with trebuchets.

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Just had an image where we could hurl the carcasses of pets on a treb after we kill them. Who said shoe bills can’t fly :slight_smile:


That makes a great lunch time laugh @

@WhatMightHaveBeen thank you.

Thralls and pets should NOT be your main base defense and there shouldn’t be an answer for everything a player can do to your pets. Pets are basically a stronger (in some ways) and cheaper version of thralls who cannot be trudgeoned and are mostly immune to stun locks. Gas and arrows SHOULD be the main (easy) solution to them.

not quite what i meant with that, you need to take into consideration the whole sentence.

I was just explaining that making some pets immune to poison / gas would not stop people from posting up some place and killing em from range.

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Why “pointless”? Now I can’t take my pet with me to any place with poison gas 'cause I can’t put a sandstorm mask on it. So I go to sulfur lake leaving my tame Rocknose behind - and fight with Rocknoses living near that lake. Looks terribly silly. Rocknose MUST be immune to gas, Sandreaper MUST be immune to poison snake bites (and poison arrows). It’ll not give any significant advantage in PVP (you can still kill pet defenders in many other ways) but will be more immersive and convenient in PVE.

The animal kingdom in real life has a surprising amount of poisonous animals that are not immune to their own poison. Simply being able to spit poison out of your eyeballs doesn’t mean you’re immune to everyone else’s poison eyeballs, either.

The Shattered Springs rocknoses are a different breed from regular brown rocknoses. They have probably adapted to their environment over many generations. Then again, I really don’t know how an egg-laying lizard-moose made of rock breathes. We know they eat rocks and poop rocks (and sometimes iron, crystal, gold and silver), so their metabolism is already totally out of this world. Maybe they’re a silicon-based life form.

Anyway… they never explained how exactly Ambassador Kosh was poisoned, either (well, not within the TV series, that is).

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because the OP wants it changed so people can not snipe out their pets using gas arrows… this change would not stop that from happening.

Um I goto the salt lakes all the time with pets and they never die…

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