Make Gas Only Toxic to Humans Not pets

Can we have either gas only effecting humans as a base game mechanic or immunisation for pets ? we no longer have swarms of pets due to the limiter, but with people gassing horses and pets being even made more useless and costly ( in terms of occupying limiter slots) it would be nice to see them have something worthwhile to keep us using pets and make them somewhat effective.


They should add gas mask for pets.

The idea that thralls can die to gas arrows, but are immune to the red flower gas areas in volcano or the gas at the brimstone lake, is insanely backwards.

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Ill further this suggestion- the water in brimstone lake-Shattered Springs needs to be poison - not fresh water to drink.

The water’s fine, it’s just mineral-rich.

The hazardous gases out there is a by-product of the rocknoses. You know, methane.


What I find extremely weird is that while pets are affected by the gas (and they’re at disadvantage - can’t put gas mask on them), they’re not affected by a healing cloud from an arrow. If they have to be affected by poison gas, then by all means make healing cloud affect them too.

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At least make the pets/thralls move away from gas cloud. Some sense of survival thinking would be nice.


OMG so I died from rocknoses farts? well that’s another point to bring out when I say this game is hardcore to my friends



It isn’t normal water…it is “water” from a sulfuric acid pool and that hazardous gas is just venom, not a fart in a jar…

In EA the water at shattered springs was not drinkable, I wonder if the change was intentional?

It should be changed. But the counter could be the water skin from warmaker dungeon…Cleanses the water. Makes it worth farming multiple. That and survival 4 perk as well.

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Amen to that.


this should be an option tied to the follower limit. If limit is turned off, then gas still works. If turned on, then the value of pets is too much for 6 minutes of gas arrows/orbs. And don’t make it automatic, but tied to the survival perk for followers. level 40 survival should get immunity to gas clouds, and the debuff reduction for others. Level 50 immunity to everything.

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If u wanna use pets use them indoors. Have thralls gaurd the outside and pets gaurd close quarters.

Not efficient to build just to protect a pet from 6 minutes (and group dying of of <10 arrows). Efficiency is the name of the game in PVP, so it is easier to gas mask thralls and have ranged attacks. Which on PVP means Pets are useless and inefficient.

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Closest i personally have gotten to pets are the undead creatures. They cant be poisoned. Though i havent leveled any up yet so i dont know how good they are post patch. but they have saved by base numerous times.

Yeah. I know. But based on Alex’s comments in the stream about having mechanics matter, pets (non undead) fall way short on PVP servers, thus would like some sort of way to make them viable.
That and would really like to be able to use thralls without one of the three options for gas protection. Sandstorm mask (easiest but low armor and low durability), Dafari mask from FoP recipe (rare find, decent durability, low armor), and the God breaker helms (very good, but add grit…useless on thralls…and just bleh aesthetically tbh).

Totally, another alternative to immunity or gas masking (which I find a bit weird) pets would possibly be some kind of a venting placable structure? which vents gas within an area.

Or maybe even tie it in with the food system, feed them puffball mushrooms and they get immunity