Pets are underwhelming compared to Thralls

Pets are underpowered.What do you all think about them and how they perform?


They are awful, waste of slots with thrall limiter, its really unfortunate they have essentially undone an entire release feature and made pets (short of the gazelle being an early bearer) useless.

Even their health is garbage at lvl 20 universally when compared to thralls, have absolute gas vulnerability.

easy solution would be a health boost to return to more pre thrall level up patch potential health pools(8k for greater) and have all pets gas immune with gas only effecting humanoids, .


Damage is sad too I got a scorpion queen to breed it couldn’t down a boar without helping it.And healing arrows don’t seem to work on them I’m on a private server though so that might be a bug or is it?

Greater cats arent bad, but the more difficult to acquire giants yetis and gorillas are bitter disappointments. Greater boars are okay as well. So I guess its a mixed bag. Personally, I dont care that some pets are sacks of crap; if you build an army of exiles… good luck. The ones that bother me are the giant and the yeti. They come from a difficult region and are a rare harvest (yeti less so) and probably need a buff to live up to their own hype. Not a huge buff, but their size makes them awkward and less effective already. The mediocre stats are just kinda gross.


Playing with a thrall limit on pvp, definitely dont bother with pets.

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Pets are very vulnerable to poison gas. With thralls, you can put a mask on them, but with pets, a few gas arrows and you can wipe out an army of animal pets.

I would recommend some kind of compensation that would help pets be more viable. Perhaps speed up pet movement and attack speeds or some kind of poison-resistance food for pets?


Undead are a “pet” and this is one of their benefits. Legion warriors can be quite formidable after leveling. The lesser undead are trash…


I agree the pets need a buff, my first greater was the wolf, but he died in my first purge on that server.
I leveled a greater sabercat, the damage and armour were ok, but a T3 Human fighter is much better.

I couldn’t even level a yeti or a rhino, both died to trash mobs,
and you can’t make them stay out of the fight.

I like the idea that pets are immune to noxious gas. This would mean you would have to use serpent arrows and bleed arrows, and at least remove the mass gassing of your pets.

I picked up an elephant a few days ago in my single player game just to try it out. Had it follow me and went to raid a nearby Dogs of the Desert base.

The result can effectively be summed up as “It promptly charged the enemy and died.”

It thought it was a fluke, so I got another one and tried again. Pretty much the same result. Then I tried it with a rhino and got the same thing. MY SKELETON WAS FIGHTING BETTER THAN THAT!!! FFS, I wasn’t expecting it to solo an army or anything, but you’d at least expect something with huge tusks to put up a decent fight against one or two guys. :pouting_cat:

Worse, I also noticed that I seemed to be doing full damage to it when it got hit with friendly fire. I wasn’t even at max level at the time. I was just using a basic ancient two handed sword. Other followers who get caught in the swing barely notice it, but that stupid elephant would lose a third of his health! WTF?! That makes them completely worthless even as pack animals. Get into any kind of fray and you’re even more likely to kill it than your adversary.


thralls are seriously overpowered thats why pets feel weak in comparison, thralls need a 70% nerf and players need a better scaling in stats so we can actualy get into the fight in harder PVE area’s instead of cowering behind our thralls being lazy and bored


Agreed, thralls are too powerful.

But still a rhino shouldn’t die to a T2 entertainer with daggers, in the time it takes to kill the other two NPCs that it pulled.

Nerf Thralls
Buff pet’s - or at least their base armour.

Edit at Norfems advice
I’m Max level and PVP

Knock thralls off there Op status and back down to there 5-6k health pools. Most of Pets are fine and decently balance for alot of content. (few need buffs)

Thralls really only stand out do to over top buffs they get.

I use mostly Greater Wolf, and Wolves with out much issue. I have few others around I have nabbed. They do alright.

Which is kinda were they should be. Now if we can get thralls knocks down several pegs…

If your max lvl and on PVP say so.
On PVE we need these thralls as off now to be this powerful, OR smarter either theyre brain increase or they stay the same.

Pets however is to weak and take AGES to lvl on PVE because you need to stock them full of the best food that maybe dont give u the bonuses you want.

Now I only use, Greater Bears, White wolf, Greater Rhino and Greater Rock nose as some buffer in defense.

The rest ive placed for an alert system, if killed I know where someone pulled a boss to and so on, and reinforce the spikes etc.

I first start with acid arrows to break the gaz mask of thralls. Then acid + poison arrows for all, and star metal arrows on bigger ones!

Do you know that you can block a thrall in a door entrance for example with only a jar? (just placed). Then fire the arrows …

Thralls and pets are useless for defense, the same for T3.

The best defense is to build small and hide your base in jungle :slight_smile:

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Healing arrows don’t work on pets, only fighter, archer and bearer thralls (not entertainers). If this is a bug, it’s been one for so long it’s now a de facto “feature”.

The idea of gas immunity for pets has never made sense to me. Human thralls (without a mask) can be poisoned to death just as easily.

well just logically what is toxic to animals is not always toxic to humans and vice versa, the boar for instance eats the “poison” mushroom from which the gas orbs come from

The only good thing about pets is that they are more aggressive. They do attack quicker and more reliably than my thralls do. I assume because they are not confused by weapon use.

I keep one pet at a time now. I use it mainly in easy gathering missions. For silk or fur or other things

ostrish <3