Pets. Worthless?

Since the new leveling of thralls/pets was introduced I was really excited. I though awesome I can level the pets like lions and tigers and bears (oh my) and be a beast master and run around with them and have them be viable for combat. Sadly from my own testing and leveling of these (greater versions) of these pets to 20 they just are really lacking and still not worth having. sure their damage is not bad but they can not hold their own in a fight. I really think we need some way to armor pets to make them viable as an option otherwise really taming of anything but horses in terms of an animal is pointless. (aside rocknoses for gold and silver production) I just feel this is a waist of resources space and files in a game if they serve no purpose they really cant go up against anything but vanilla thralls. Which late game it is not often that i do so unless i need more named thralls for production and then im not bringing any kind of follower aside one with a knock out tool.

Anyone else feel this way or come to the same conclusion or another one? I would love to have a white wolf pack or some animals sometime to just follow me around but they are just not viable and they dont get the same amount of healing from heal arrows as thralls do. I have not seen them really take any advantage of it compared to a thrall. I also notice horses do not really get healing from heal arrows either. So i have to wonder what is the point of taming these things aside base decorations that just set up anti thrall zones. Maybe if they had their own radius separate from thralls so we could like set up guard dogs with our thralls like the npc camps have.

I would love to hear others thoughts on this. I know most are focused on the new movement and dodge roll mechanics but i feel this is something worth talking about too.


Pets are useless for defense in PVP.

Put 4 fondations, climb on them, then fire poison arrows. Whatch the pets die in fews minutes … You can kill 10 or more pets at a time like this.

They do not like acid arrows too :slight_smile:


oh i know thralls and pets are quite trash for pvp. I am speaking from a mainly pve standpoint. To have fun on a server with friends. Still this just seems again like an utter waist of resources and game files if nothing else if not a waist of time in game for no reward.

My only pet is at Level 6, so no way of knowing how effective it will be, but one remark:

Food will give your pet a regenration rate of 5 HP per second.
I recently noticed that during a fight my pet got 5HP/sec twice, because it had two different types of meat in the inventory.
Since every pets has 10 different types of Food it consumes, you can potentially bring pets to a regenration rate of 50HP per second.
That might still not be the same as using healing arrows, but it’s not bad either.

Yes they do grate defens in purges and so… even un-leveld

No, I feel the same way you do. Pets weren’t that great before the patch, and they’re not that great after the patch. They were always more decorative.

But now that there is a thrall limit, pets are just a hindrance. I’ve already killed off all the pets my clan had, except one that sunk into the ground and I can’t reach.

With current state of the game, pets are simply a useless feature.

I am guessing this requires you to have the requirment for feeding them turned on? as i dont notice them getting any sort of regen like that at all

As of Update 40 the feeding system has been changed.
This has nothing to do with the old System of feeding thralls with a thrall pot.

Different food now gives different amount of healing. Just watch this video: controlled levelling . It works for Thralls & Horses and I’m sure that it works for all the other Followers as well.

They still take food from a thrall pot if they have nothing to eat in their inventory. And yes they do have corresponding buff from this food.

it is a real shame the pets have been made worse/totally useless, beyond being way too vunerable to gas (an easy fix would be gas only effecting humans) the limiter now removes the aspect of horde pet zerg armies (RIP shaleback squadron).

Essentially now only the greater pets are worth anything at all, and even then they aren’t worth a lot especially to pvpers like myself, the only non horde pets we have had “help” in battles are greater rhinos and cats, usually sabers

Well thats my point their only good as a funtime companion or low tier enemies. You cant take them to world bosses or any dungeon as they would die easily.

Strange for me. My pets and thralls get no health gen and never eat any food. I have the thrall decay and feeding off though.

My Greater wolf does ok, normal wolf was pretty uesless. I havnt mess with to many others…

Its hard to beat Sasha as a follower. >_>

Inless we get bunny pets, that can leap thru air and play creepy holy music. XD

I’ve enabled feeding long ago just for this buff. They do not starve without food by the way, just get buffs when eating.

As far as pets go, we use them for unmanned base defense.
With them all gone now, we have to train up new ones.
I can not figure out why they can not gain XP while guarding the base.
I had two sabers, but have to lions on my veranda. They take out everything in a 50 yard radius of them. They one shot hyenas and rock beasts. When a corrupted happens by, they make short order of him too.

The last super purge we had, it was two 3 skull rock beasts. I had 4 greater hyenas and two sabers guarding our fish house. The 6 of them took out one 3 skull, all 4 hyenas died, the two sabers kilt it dead.
After that we installed 8 sabers and two greater sabers.

I dismissed them all today, and replaced them with 4 lions which all have to be trained up. It will be some time before I get them all. My personal Greater Wolf and horse have priority.

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Totally agree. Followers should gain experience from killing when they are on guard as well.

I stored four greater sabertooths for the update. Tried one out, he started with like 1800hp :slightly_frowning_face: But he did great against rhinos and even croc-bosses (with help). He was bad against skeleton bosses in the unnamed city. He seems to have problems with armor so maybe as team with a wolf (sunder) for defence?
If you put tons of meat on him he heals even during the fight, but not enough. I think, fully levelled up he will be slightly stronger than the pre-update version.
So not really an option for serious fighting, but still useful and fun in many situations.

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Are you on modded server, perchance? There’s a bug in new update where mods (any mods) prevent thralls from consuming food (and thus getting benefits from it - like added growth chance or health regen).

Maybe you can check this out. Every food on the diet has a different hp regen and a different growth percentage. Just to let you know, survival makes them tough against negative effects, like poison, bleeding, acid, etc. And agility equals armor. So, go ahead a try some leveling using some of those and let us know ^^

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