Make animal usefull

Animal are Realy weeker than thrall . Noboby platy with them .

Make them usefull .

For exemple.

Make a différence between thrall limit and pet limit

Or give for pet the possibility to exp faster

Or bring make them stronger .

Thank you


The main issue is that even if, right out of the “box” thralls and pets are at an equivalent “strength” there is a massive imbalance because you can give thralls the best armour and weapons in the game. You cannot give pets anything. Thus, pets will, sadly, always be weaker.

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I don’t know what the right balance is, but making pets stronger to the point of the best thralls is not a great idea, pets are extremely easy to get at low level, even the strongest ones, they also already level faster than thralls, they have 10 inventory slots where fighter thralls have 5, pets have weapon and armor built into them, you don’t need to invest in that for them, some pets when levelled good deal more damage per attack than any thrall can do even with the best legendary weapons… In my opinion pets are actually in a good place right now :slight_smile:

EDIT: Follower limit was introduced to get rid of especially the zoo’s around bases that had too much impact on servers and player pc’s, I don’t think it would be a good idea to have higher limit for pets than for thralls :slight_smile:


This is a valid point and must be taken into consideration.


Animals and thralls are roughly equal. Compared to the ease of getting either.

Your weakest animals are on par with the weakest Tier 1 Exile thralls. Well in some cases stronger. The strongest pets are better than even many named thralls, this includes having the best gear. There’s no way a Waros the Breaker with T4 Epic Armor and Sword of Crom is going to come close to the damage (actually no thrall comes close to the damage that pet can do) or tankiness of a Greater Sabertooth. But then again, Waros is easier to get.

The disparity begins when you start getting Cimmerian Berserkers, Dalansia Snowhunter, and Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers (sort of, as said before, even those thralls don’t do the damage of some pets). But then again, there isn’t any pets as hard to get as they are.

With all that said, the system does need a revamp, badly. There is a fake variety of pets and followers available. There really is only a few thralls available. Why use a Waros the Breaker when Relic Hunters are available? Why use a crocodile with Greater Sabertooths are an option?

That is models, textures, animations, sounds, and mechanics wasted. That shouldn’t be the case. This goes for both thralls and pets. A T1 Thrall should be a T1 thrall no matter if its from the desert, jungle, volcano or whatever. Same with T4. Pets should likewise have Tiers that reflect their strength and it relates directly to the power of the tiers that thralls have.

In addition all stats on thralls and pets should be transparent. With thralls, the hidden modififers should be set to 1 or removed. No more hidden MeleeDamageModifier and hidden HP per VIT, or hidden Armor per AGI. It should all be standardized.

Each thrall and pet should receive the same boost to damage from STR/ACC. Should receive the same Armor per AGI, and the same Health per VIT. The difference between tiers should be the higher the tier, the higher potential stats starting off and maybe higher growth chances.

As for thralls always edging out pets on Armor. There’s two ways to handle this. Pets do more damage naturally, but have less armor usually (with some rare cases like rocknoses having more armor than even a thrall, but less potential damage). Or we have a system where we can place pet armor on them to boost this. Kinda like saddles, there’s different pet armor types to give them a boost in different areas, and these can be crafted and found as treasure.


I do. I used to have 65 of these:

I was ALL Greater Bear - 100%. And now I have about 20 left, and I’ve added 59 human thralls. 50/50 fighters and archers - all T3 with a few T4s.

What do you mean? As fighting thralls go my bears rocked!


  • The limit seems fine. 65 Greater Bears should hold off any purge and even do some damage to a PVP invasion if they aren’t careful.
  • They (Greater Bears) level up at about the same speed as a T3 human - level 20 in about 5 hours. I’m not sure if weaker animals level up faster or not like humans do. So, that seems fine to me too.
  • Even my bears are pretty strong and they’re not even the strongest animal. Nearly 900 armor (this one above is 866) and over 8,000 HP… They can kill an wolf in one swipe. If there’s not too much poison involved they can solo pretty much any boss in the game. They usually lose only about half their health in defeating a three skull dragon - and less if I remote control them for a heal once in awhile or to avoid the flames. That seems pretty strong.

Lastly Animals are WAY easier to get then humans - if you know where to look. No fighting is needed, just pick them up and give them the right food for the elite breeds. And you’re usually picking up 2 to 4 at a time. The one thing that seems different to me at least with greater bears, is that at level 1~5 they can die easier than a T3 human at level 1~5. So, you have to be careful with them for the first few fights - only taking on weaker targets and avoiding skulled enemies.

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That’s an excellent idea!


Pet armour would be my idea as well was thinking about it the other day. Then again I wouldn’t mind more decorative armour for everyone.

I only play PVE so damage isn’t important, debuffs are more important followed by armour. Having 10k health is pointless if they have low armour.

Pets vs Thralls the game has to balanced for beginners and for end game.

Pets are easier to “get” but it is a long way to get a wolf, bear and tiger for a lowbie. Whereas you can smack an exile down at the very low levels. There are named T4 spawns very close to the player spawn (if the croc doesn’t eat them first).

Once you are geared and levelled it is as easy to get a pet as a berserker but that is kinda the point you are “already” geared and levelled.