Pets are underwhelming compared to Thralls

The main argument to why most don’t use on PVP is because there is no way to counter (or at least slow down) killing off pets. With thralls, i can put a God breaker Helm with master reinforce that would take forever to eat away just to be able to poison. With pets, I fire an arrow, and watch any within range aggro to the cloud. thus killing multiple pets with very little negative other than the 4 or 5 minutes it will take. And pets normally are not separated in different areas to prevent the mass aggroing, because they (mostly) only have no ranged attacks. With thralls, you can separate with fences, and put archers in their own towers, so they can only be gassed 1 at a time.

Pets arent bad, its the thralls that are ridiculously overpowered. Thralls are on pair with bosses, and we can equip them! Any T3 thrall will easily have 10 times more HP than a player and with the right armor can have around 80% damage reduction… seriously, if this is not broken it is a absurd system.

Thralls are the most unbalanced feature in this game.

I’ve played solo on PvP. Some pets cook up attributes on par with legendary weapons. On PvP, it isn’t easy to cheese bosses like on PvE, so I hardly find pets underwhelming.

I haven’t found a reason to take thralls out of the base except to level them.

We thrive differently.

Hyenas secret weakness… wild onions and grapes.

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Yeah its not hard to get a greater cat doing over 200 in damage per strike. I think a greater panther I have does that at level 13ish, so if I took it to 20, who knows what it would do?

I like pets and raise a lot of pets.
Unfortunately, many pets are weak.

It’s especially sad that the attack is lower than the ostrich, despite being a greater pet.
They have low base weapon damage.
Ostrich = 27
Corrupted Spider = 18
(Spider web = 1)
Black Yeti = 16
Scorpion Queen = 11
Mammoth = 21

I think I’m busy fixing bugs, but I want you to adjust …

Ostrich base is 27?! Gotta get me one…

You know how I can see making the pets “useable” in the future?

By making a separate thrall limit and a separate pet limit, instead of a universal follower limit.

If we have a limit on followers, nobody is going to use pets. However, if we have a limit on thralls that doesn’t effect the pets, then why not use a crappy pet or ten? It’s not lot you can use your pet limit for anything else, at that point.


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