Your favorite weekend raid server! PVP with a dash of RP. Come as your are, but leave those toxic feelings at the door. We provide stability, balance and a chance to still defend and protect. The rules are based off of common sense. We have maprooms available at every obelisk (besides UC). We provide a player based economy with the only mod we run, Pippi Mod. We have an admin shop and we provide thespians and a marketplace area for players to sell their own goods. We host weekly events. We invite you to come join us, and we promise to give you the exiled adventure you’ve been looking for. Plenty of room here at this little 50 slot with clansize capped at 6 players. We offer a weekend of protection for players and clans just starting out. What are you waiting for, exile?! Direct Connect: IP:

The server has been refreshed today! We just removed a lot of first arrivals to the server that have had their epic battles and moved on to other adventures. Decay is on, but if we haven’t seen a player on in over a week we contact them to see where they’re at, and only remove with their permission. Some of your favorite spots have opened back up, so come get it while it’s still available!

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Server has been wiped? Looking for a new server, would love to try this out!

The server was recently “refreshed”. We removed structures from players that have moved on. We’re just under 5 weeks old and there’s plenty of room now. Check it out :slight_smile: