Come start fresh on a fresh server! Gateway Gaming!


If you’re looking for a fresh server to start on then look no further! We are merely two weeks old, and still populating the server. No wipes will happen unless funcom update requires it, or a critical issue occurs that leaves us no choice. We have an arena with weekly events, maprooms at every ob and working on an event castle for raiding and prizes. We only run one mod and that’s Pippi mod. If you’re looking for a fresh start on a new server with simple rules in place to keep the toxicity down then come visit us and get started! This server isn’t going anywhere for a very long time.
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Hi, why weekend raids only?
Raids are only 6 hours per days on official settings.

We want players to be able to enjoy the content and build up to have fun raiding on the weekends. It’s not for everyone, and that I understand :slight_smile: