New server up, lite RP (meaning you don’t have to be in full character, KOS is only allowed if you engage in local chat with player unless they run then you can chase and kill) and raiding is allowed Sat and Sun from 7 to 11 with no RP required. The Unamed City is lawless (besides camping the OB). We hold events each weekly sometimes twice a week with plenty of prizes for participants. Also an incentive to vote for us and receive a T4 thrall for the first vote, 2nd vote a weapon (craft-able only) of your choice, 3rd vote armor set of your choice (craftable only, and not from warmaker’s dungeon) Come check us out at and our direct connect is IP:

I’m striving for a fun community which still allows you to kill and blow things up, but just in a respectful way. :smiley:

Fresh server up! PVP (no toxic player rules in place) Weekend raids, Arena events already in the works. Event raids planned as well. Come hang!