[GER/EU] Conan Erben Wipe 11. 01.2020(x5, Ltd.Raid, discord) ...is back!

We proudly present the return of our beloved Pve-C Server Conans Erben :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

Welcome back from a 4 month break, now returned, fresh wiped, with active Admins and hopefully a relaxed cummunity.

XP: x5
Harvest: x5
Purge: stage 6/6
PvP: always
Raid: 20:00 - 22:00 on WE
Rules: join Discord
Admins: German and English
Restarts: 12:00/17:00/00:00 CET+1
Slots: 30
Clan size: 4

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZMdEBYr

Guten Tag,
Voller Stolz präsentieren wir die Rückkehr unseres geliebten Pve-C Servers Conans Erben :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

Willkommen zurück, nach 4 Monaten Pause, endlich zurück, frisch gewiped, mit aktiven Admins und ein (hoffentlich) entspannten Community.

Erfahrung: x5
Ernten: x5
Purge: Stufe 6/6
PVP: immer
Raids: 20:00 - 22:00 Sa/So
Regeln: im Discord
Admins: Deutsch und Englisch
Restarts: 12:00 / 17:00 / 00:00
Slots: 30
Clan-Größe: 4

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZMdEBYr

I do play on a lot of servers and never have seen this or making a post about it, but, this server is owned by racists. 3 times a guy got reported from players because he labels all his games as: “Ni.g…-Hunter” in there discord. He didn´t got banned or reported to the official discord. Not once. Also they let people play which call themselfs hiller and eva b… I am sick to my stomache seeing people like this are hosting a server.

Of course I got banned, after facing them and calling them what they are on discord. But … thats ok, I don´t want to play with racists.

Hi there,
I am the admin of the server. No one reported such violence to me, or posted in Report Channel in Discord. So please don’t tell any lies without proof

ItsmeNina did some month ago, I did 2 times and the guy which told you short before I got banned did. So don´t say we didn´t report. Every time us where told it will be looked into it but this never happend. But instead I get banned for reporting racist behaviour. So its very obvious whats going on. I bet this guy is still around, still calling his games “Ne…erjäger”. I guess its easier for you to try to put my statement as wrong instead of removing this scu… from your discord.

Actually no one of them is active on Server, same as you. Btw the server is completely new, after a 4 month break. We only banned a Discord member, who hounding against Admins multiple times.
If someone of old “racist” players are online, with new names/steam Account, we need a actual proof for breaking rules to Ban them