[GER/EU] Maltis Conan Exiles Server | Timed PVP | Hard NPC's | For the real Conan Exiles feeling

I’d like to present you our new Conan Exiles Server here in a short post.
At first here is our server ip: which is also our ts ip.
So now let’s talk a bit about our Conan Exiles Server.
At first I have to mention, that our server is a timed pvp Server. At our server you can only play pvp in selected times. Furthermore is the difficulty of our server set to hard. Purges can come anytime and we have no multipliers at farming or xp gaining. So all in all it’s a timed pvp server with hard as difficulty^^.
You like playing the game in default options at hard? Then our server is probably the right for you!
Just try it out ;).

At the moment we have 40 player slots.