Get our Conan Exiles Servers showing in title search!

Love the idea of this game. I have been following the development in early access. One suggestion, please find a way to get our Conan Exile servers showing in title search. I purchased a dedicated server for my gaming community ANON6 and it was absolutely painful to watch my friend try to find my server.

How in the heck can we grow a community when fans of the game can’t find our servers in a title search. We pay to host a gaming server, so I expect my server to be found in search.

Is this too much to ask? Not one keyword I used in a title search brought up my Conan Exiles Server. We are forced to use Steam server search (which sucks with no filter) or try a direct connection.

One more thing - The fountains break on a server reboot. Very annoying to admins running a server.

Love the game - look forward to seeing more improvements.

Cheers, ANON6 Gaming Community