Getting disconnected from server and eternal loading screen LATAM 3995

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [LATAM]

[Iam being disconnected from server LATAM 3995 Every 15 minutes, about 5 time already, before patch, this never happened to me before besides regular oficial server shutdown. Please fix this.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.join the game online server pvp and get disconnected
3. Join the game online It keep’s 4ever in the loading screen.
4.we have to Waiting hours to be able to login.

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I am on the same boat. Server 3985 - LATAM

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Yep, same thing here, SA 3985, game is currently unplayable, disconnects and loading screen issues all the time, had to abandon it and sadly move on, i was happy to see warpaint and stamina glitch fixed on the patch notes and then i saw it wasn’t fixed at all, another reason i stopped playing it…great game and great potential, too bad the communication with their player base is subpar, and it looks like the devs don’t even know what they are doing, they’ve taken an entire month to work on at least a few fixes for ps4 and when they finally update their game, it actually makes it worst and doesn’t fix anything relevant at all, and the only thing they tell us is something like “we are working on it, have patience”, im out of patience right now, i dont want to wait months to be able to play a game that i bought to play now, i’m really frustrated right now, i want an ETA on things like, SA server hardware, warpaints fix, stamina glitch fix, health regen fix, disconnects fix, missing content from parity patch, missing crafter npcs and armorers that are missing recipes like exotic flawless zemurian thief set, thats all i need to get back into the game…if in one month you guys did nothing, i wonder how long it is going to take for you guys to fix things like the ones i said…what is even more frustrating is the fact that all that’s left for me to do is keep refreshing the forums and social media pages hoping to find annoucements regarding all these problems and an ETA on the patch that actually fixes it…
Too bad i can’t get a refund, nothing like having your money stolen…and they thought this game was ready to release…


Yeah man, iam about to quit too. Server get so many crashes now per day, that i even Lost the count. But There is more, server is crashing and Rolling back stutf that we did in 10-20 minutes. Injust died in a thrall Camp because i got mounted and locked on between thrall, i got my body back then server crashed. When i finally logged back, It came back to the point i was naked in my base.

Damn, sorry to hear that, thats why i haven’t tried playing it after yesterday, i knew s*** like that was going to happen to me if i tried…

Funcom server latam 3995 Still crashing after the hotfix and eternal loading screen, please Help us.

Same problem here

3 days without being able to play the game, and counting, lets see how many weeks they are going to take to deliver a playable version of the game…maybe you should remove your game from the ps store and stop stealing our money…

Fix this friggin goddamit game Jesus! Crashing every 10-20 minutes and rollbacking ALL the progress with It. Funcom What u need to hear us and fix this uterly big massive gamebreaking bug?! I paid money for this game, i demand a solution!

Sinceramente, eu parei de jogar.

This problem is happening to my clan too, we are disconnected every 10-15 minutes of play

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still having many problems with 3995, disconnecting,eternal load screen, and even reborn malfunction.(not spawning when counts end)

5 days, still waiting, if this is an exclusive issue with SA servers, we are close to one month of waiting and the game is unplayable for that same amount of time…you guys must be very proud of your work, i can only imagine…

Funcom when we Will get a solution for the eternal loading screen in the LATAM pvp servers? Both 3995, 3985 we are suffering from this problem since day one, please fix this or give us a position.

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We are Still with this issue, we cant get through the login screen.

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