Getting Kicked Out of Server

I’m getting kicked out of the server every time I log in. It takes 10 to 30 seconds and there’s a glitchy sound and the game crashes. This only happens when there is over say a dozen other players on the server. I have good internet so I don’t think it’s a connectivity issue. This is really frustrating because I can play in the morning just fine (when there’s just a few people on) but in the afternoon when more people get on I can’t even play. Is there any way to fix this? I bought myself and my buddy a copy of the game and we haven’t been able to play these last few days because of this issue.

Just tried to log on again and got kicked off the server after about a minute. Hoping someone sees this and takes this issue up. It sucks to be barred from a game you paid 50 dollars for because the servers can’t handle more than just a few players.

You are not the only one. I’m having the exact same problem. Calling it the Crash Loop. I can literally be on all day, and at the exact same time every evening it begins the crash Loop.

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