Gibbet from bazaar doesnt show taskmaster

Xbox series x
Private pvec server
Conan exiles map

Place gibbet, add taskmaster, and you dont see the taskmaster anywhere near or around the gibbet. My clanmate said she saw him for a second but then he disappeared from view.

Hello @El_Parthau!

Could you let us know if this issue happens on the Official Servers or in the Offline game?

Please also let us know if you are running any mods with your game!

Thanks in advance :smile:


OP is crying somewhere "What more do you want of me customer support? :sob: "

Just kidding :slight_smile: Anyway while I personally don’t own that placeable as I deem Bazar items unreasonably expensive, I have seen reports of this across this and also the steam forums.
Including this post with a picture of the taskmaster sometimes showing up and sometimes not: Khitan Headhunter Set - #23 by JJDancer

This is an Official unmodded server. I have had random luck with the taskmaster showing up. Sometimes he does, sometimes he does not. The picture has 3 Gibbets, all with taskmasters in them, but only one showing up.

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Thank you for this information!

This issue has been reported and we will investigate it as soon as possible.

If there’s anything else anyone would like to add, feel free to reach out :smile:

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