Glass window panes

Please add glass windows to fit into the current windowed wall frames.
(Or add versions with glass already in them, either way is fine :P)

It just seems silly to have glass, and only really use it for a couple of small things, and not make windows with it…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Full glass walls and ceiling panels would be good too - Imagine the greenhouses!


I had assumed I could make glass windows when i discovered glass in the game, and was disappointed when I couldn’t.

Also, some larger windows, or the ability to snap-extend glass panes would be greatly appreciated (like in minecraft, even if the glass panes would be pretty big by comparison in Conan:Exiles… unless snap-fitting a glass-window piece into the window slot of a placed wall piece).

How desirable this is depends upon whether the inconsistent shelter experienced (by some/all?/me) indoors in sandstorm prone regions is a bug or what the design intention there is.

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Greenhouses made of big panes of glass are probably above what would fit with the technology we have available. Then again, between magic™ and the mechanical elevators, it probably wouldn’t stick out too much.

I don’t think full-wall-size window panels would make sense, or at least it would have to be very fragile, even if its cost was similar to T2 or T3 stuff.

There’s probably also some joke about rocks and glasshouses to be made, but eh.

Glass screens (Fences) or walls are imo visible on the thumbnail of the Conan Devtracker (!)

(I see it in opera, and can choose it still (As thumbnail) so it (image of glass fences)should exist.

But cannot reproduce an image or link from google

Interestingly, the CE wiki entry for glass says… “Only the wealthy can afford to ornament their houses in glass, even though creating glass is a simple process. Glass offers protection from the elements and a view of what is occurring outside, at the risk of being easily shattered.”

Though I’m not sure who wrote that entry or why…

Probably someone using that “glass houses” mod :smiley:

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Wow, how have I missed that mod so far… I’ll probably give it a try at some point. Thanks for the tip-off :grinning:

On second thoughts, it would be a bit lore-unfriendly… though there’s always a trade-off in games of setting authenticity vs game-play fun. Whether it’s those rather mechanically impressive elevators, or churning out dozens of glass flasks from a simply cauldron to then fill with explosives and carry them around in your loincloth, before sliding down a sheer cliff for 50 metres to hurl them at your enemies…

There’s clearly a balance to be struck and some particular thing that is too much for one person may be acceptable to another. Setting immersion is pretty subjective though clearly there are limits too. I wouldn’t want to argue for the crocodiles to shoot laser beams out of their eyes for example, yet the (limited?) use of glass windows is not so over the top and more debatable.

I really just want to be able to be in my home/base and look out at the gorgeous view, while being snug and safe from the occasional sandstorm raging outside. But I can’t even do that with the small glass-less windows at present, seemingly due to some bug since someone actually removed their windows and was still being damaged by a sandstorm while completely indoors.


With sorcery actually coming ( revealed by Joel Bylos in this interview… )
I think the way to go would be to make glass construction a high level feat requiring some magical input into its construction, which would make it feel really special and assist in giving your base a high-level magical vibe.
Though maybe the existing tiny prefabricated windows could be filled by small lore-friendly panes made without magic, but at a reasonably high-ish level prior to that.


This Archway and the steel bars are from the mod „glasconstructions and more…“ from I-emerge. This portcullis was possible because I used also the mod LBPROE from Multigun which allows overlapping of different building tiles and items.
Meanwhile the Glas roofs and tiles are the smallest part of the mod. Actually I-emerge is working on a bunch of totally new building tiles, which don’t exist in the game like the archway. In fact he is building a whole modular construction system of new building tiles beginning with the tier 3 ones. I can’t tell you more but I saw them and they are awesome. They will come soon with the new update of this mod. Stay tuned.:innocent:


Oh, I’ll stay tuned :star_struck:

I’ve been checking out Glass Constructions since Mikey helpfully pointed me in that direction. It looks fantastic, though requires a level mod and I’m still too new to the game to know if/when I’d want to do that. I’ve been experiencing vanilla first and gradually adding mods once I know what I’m doing and what I want. I’ll most probably be giving it a whirl sometime though, it looks amazing and will likely become an ‘essential’ mod for me.

I’m already using Mulltigun’s LBPROE… simply a wonderful mod for someone like me who really loves the building aspect of this game. Can’t imagine playing CE without it now. Multigun’s a champ. Bless you modders, you’re doing God’s work lol.

stained glass would be fun, too.
Putting big stained glass windows into our cathedrals and what not.

I was just thinking that. One can dream eh.