Obsidian Building Tiles please :)

I must’ve tossed around 100K obsidian and raw ash for mining gold.

Could we have some shiney glow-in-the-dark building tiles made of obsidian, raw ash and brimstone? :slight_smile:

I’ve always enjoyed turning byproducts into foundations.


THANK YOU! I want this too!

Wish we could make glass pieces too, given all the crystal and glass I’ve piled up into chests for nothing much.


I’ve seen a mod where you could use glass pieces, but I need an official set for Xbox One. Or have this game be compatible with mods.

I have the mod on my SP, but for the core to have it would be better.

Only trouble I see with windows is that it might seem too modern in a Conan setting.
Although one would, even in the ancient times, especially with glass orbs, think to use glass for windows…
But would it be worth it, considering how brittle windows are, and how brutal the exiles lands are?

You know the saying: “One misses not a luxury unknown.”

I’m going to re-watch “Conan the Barbarian (2011)” Movie. If I see windows… well then.

I’m sure they’d use glass windows. Going by the notion that they can see through them, and eventually think to use them for a house. If it’s been done before, it could work. I don’t know squat about the Conan world. lol. But I believe this could be a thing.
And if it’s not that effective at defending your house, hey, at least you can say you did it. :joy:

Just finished watching the movie.

Not a SINGLE glass window to be seen. But, I did get a good idea of how Aquilonian style COULD look like.

The closest thing they got to a window is this:

In fact…it’s the only window in the whole movie!

My friend Daria uses doorframes and pillars as windows:


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Bummer. But I never thought of using that combo. Ive always just used door frames.

Sepermeru’s buildings appear to have both rectangular and diamond-shaped panes of glass in its windows. The panes are tiny, but I can’t see why someone would do to the trouble of installing grilles in widows that contain no glass. Also, the nighttime lighting effect in the city’s windows seems to strongly imply glass.


I’m not sure glass building pieces would be a matter of lore, but of practicality. They can mold foundations of various materials from strong earth metals to wood and stone, and glass IS in game already. Clearly they have the technology in conan to shape glass, we have a glass mold too. So I can’t see how this would need a reference to lore.


I’m surprised it’s not in the game already, which is why i’m wondering if it was a choice by design.
I too want glass panes :slight_smile:
I can just imagine obsidian tho. Bit like black ice, but hewn and rougher, but with slightly emissive edges and a very unique reflective glint typical of glass.

I think we can get a hint of what Obsidian would like as a building piece with the spikes from the Black Ice building set.

I’m thinking… this
with a bit of this


and this

But much more angular, ya know?

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yes. yes. yes. would be an amazing building set

Oh my God. I love that building style!