I wanna see those stormglass buildssss! <3

Made a greenhouse (I have to play on low resolution, pics aren’t the best) but I wanna see all that stormglass beauty I know you guys have been building. Lets share!


Still a fair bit of sandstone in there - I am not a machine - but I am happy with the result so far.


Combination of Siptah and Argos DLC building blocks (not yet decorated).


Like these two together. I did a pyramid with a similar floating beam style. I like how the door is merged into the build in that last pic. To me it’s those little details of realism that make a build. Suggestion: wrapping some stormglass fence pieces around those towers to break up the tiling.

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This is unfinished. I never know what to do on the inside of builds. Did this on PS4. I can’t seem to build as well on PC.

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‘The Black Temple of Zath’, inspired loosely by the Temple in Yezud, Zath’s highest temple.

‘The Devourment Pit’ from my Settlers series. Designed as an open-air sacrificial shrine in the spirit of a Zoroastrian Dakhma

I’ve got videos for both of these builds.
Black Temple of Zath: Black Temple of Zath | Conan Exiles - Speed Build - YouTube
Devourment Pit: Conan Exiles: Settlers S3E4 - Sacrum - YouTube