Kool so far and have big plans!😊

Hi.Here are 2 shelters I built so far!!:blush:still adding stuff!!

[Free text]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Nice builds! Should probably move this post to fanworks as it’s not a bug or an update.

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Never mind found the fan works spot

nice house of yours, great building skills.

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Flagged for off topic because it should really be in fan creations.

I like the balconies. What’s the interior look like?

I’ll delete these pics and put them in the proper spot when buildings are complete. More pics coming soon. Wasn’t sure where to put pics😊

moved to the right place :slight_smile:

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Looking good Brenda. Keep up the great work.

Nice looking building. Would love to see the interior.

Great start. Keep it up.

Horse picture on the wall behind the display on first image. Maybe a sign of mounts coming to Conan Exiles?

@Kapoteeni lol and there was me wondering how rumours start!

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