Glory & Gold - PvP 24/7 3x XP/Harvest US-East - Newcomers Welcome!

Glory & Gold - PvP 24/7 3x XP/Harvest US-E | New Player Friendly!

Glory & Gold is a newly created Conan Exiles PvP server looking for players to join!

This server is ran by adults, for adults!

Some main highlights of our server:

  • 3x XP Gain Rate
  • 3x Harvest Rate
  • Increased Spoil Timer
  • New Player Friendly
  • Active Admins
  • Friendly Community
  • Regular Updates
  • 40 Player Cap(for now)

We have three rules:

  1. No base destruction
  2. No trolling/griefing
  3. No exploiting/hacking

Our Discord link:

Server Connection Information

Direct IP: or Search “glory” in the server browser

We hope to see you in game!