Glowing Torches

One can find glowing goop underwater…why can one not place glowing wall torches or standing torches underwater? That would be something very nice to have!

on the contrary it just gives people another reason to spam structures in places they dont belong. You cant live underwater so why do you need torches underwater?

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Underwater bases (hide spots) can be dark at night.

But… your only down there to drop stuff off, not live as you say and you likely have glowing torch going with you.
Its fairly pointless in CE.

It would also give away your base/hiding spot. XD

I picture back Morrowind, were you could place light sources underwater. And it made your lawn alot color. XD

Theres a couple times I wanted place glowing standing torches off my docks in singleplayer to give water a blue glow from below.
But never can… sniffle sniffle =(

Underwater seems like it’s an upcoming thing. We have that picture of underwater ruins and sharks. So…

I wouldn’t exactly call them torches. But take the glowing goop, put it on the end of a stick, and there you go.

Assuming that if Underwater is a big thing coming, they will have underwater light sources. Magma vents, jellyfish, stuff on a stick you can place.

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