GODS Hand ps4 pvp/rp

Stable PVP server looking for active clans/individuals.
Prefer 18+. We do RP a lot, but it is not mandatory. Discord, however, is. Offline raiding is allowed within the rules set forth on discord (see The Parlay). Raid times are Friday thru Sunday (drop on death in effect). Non raid times are Monday thru Thursday (Keep on death) and building damage set to lowest value and we ask that you observe the non raiding hours. We have a stable economy using Bronze Coins, a commerce center, and plenty of events. Hope you will come and join us for some competitive, non toxic, fun! New weekly event- Chaos Games!! Every week exiles enter a walled in island and must scavenge equipment and fight until only 1 remains! Current Champion is Solar of the Darkness, whose name appears in red in discord, among other great prizes! He needs compétition!!!