Golden HP bar bug that makes u think its T4 but its actual human boss

Game mode: All
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PVE
Region: Europe
Mods?: NO

Bug Description:

First of all i reported this ‘‘thing’’ when siptah started, next when twitch drops aired, but did not get any answer but now this bug is kinda griefing gameplay i mean maybe its ok and supposed to be like that, to make players die on bosses or maybe make on fools…
So thing is - WHY half of BOSS thralls has knockable marking on siptah, like Black corsar veterans, they are really 1 skull NPC boss, but 2 out off 3 has GOLDEN hp bar, at first i did not saw nickname of them i tought its t4 fighterr and gived blunted weapon to thrall, and this ended up by me dying and running half map naked because of this thing.
NEXT - actual T4 workers like Bowmasters are without golden hp bar, and they are like normal npc but they has names…
Last thing - sruges, Like aesir veterans are 1 skull bosses , why they have Golden HP bar…???

Edit - basically again - i see T4 cook by golden hp but he is not knockable : by damage wht needed to kill him he looked like 3 skull boss…

Edit line : There is another stream screenshot : based on what i said about T4 bowmasters - those HP bars are naturally griefing gameplay now… T4 shows as normals, while bosses are golden ones… Just thats improvement or broken thing?

Expected Behavior:

Expected behavior is to get normal HP bars when u fight some npc not random skull bosses as T4 fighters…

Steps to Reproduce:

Go to surge or black corsair camp and check out what hp bar ( golden ) is to aesir veterans and those black corsair veterans, also skalds are golden ones… most surges has golden bars even they are not knockable