Not all Named T4 Thralls are Yellow Bar Thralls

Game mode: PS4
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: Any
Region: North America
Hardware: PS4 Pro

Bug Description:

A LOT of the T4 thralls that are Named do not present as yellow bar T4 thralls.

Expected Behavior:

A Named T4 thrall should be a yellow bar, is that not correct? Olivya the Hammer is a named T4 Black Cosair Blacksmith (Edgesmith). She is one of the A, B, C variants that will spawn if you go to single player and use the admin panel to spawn in thralls.

Steps to Reproduce:

Type in “4” into the search box for thralls under the admin panel and just start spawning a bunch of the ones listed. A LOT of the “T4” thralls do not present as yellow bar T4’s.

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Xbox as well!
The ones I find on Official PVE server, usually located in the Black Cosair camps.
Such as Ships Cook Marra.
A couple others I can’t remember their names. 1 for sure was a Carpenter.
You go knock them out and it kills them instead.

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I’ve seen similar issues as well.
Both in single player and on private PVE servers.

As an added bit of amusement, possibly related, on Siptah, at Arno’s Prospect, a named fighter spawns(Ana the Reaver, Arno and Enikia of Cimmeria, ect), with a Skull on their health bar. They can, however, be given a love tap and brought in for new hire orientation.

As I understand it, Gold Health Bars mean named (T-4) thralls to be brought to the wheel of friendship, while Skull-bearing Health Bars are very unreasonable and cannot be sedated and become a prisoner with a job.

I know it’s Summer break time up in the Nordic League, but if we could get a confirmation from on high that the health bars are intended as I previously mentioned (Gold for Special Thralls, Skulls for non-tameable humanoids) or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn’t seem like we’ll receive a response regarding this. Perhaps having it posted will at least get it looked at.

Honestly, I don’t expect much in the way of answers until well into next month.

That’s the reality of doing business with a company based out of Norway.
The nation basically shuts down for the whole month of July.
If I recall, it’s called Fellesferie or something similar.

Sadly, threads are locked after a certain period of inactivity. At least the issue is documented.

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