Not all Named T4 Thralls are Yellow Bar Thralls

Game mode: PS4
Type of issue: Bug?
Server type: Any
Region: North America
Hardware: PS4 Pro

Bug Description:

A LOT of the T4 thralls that are Named do not present as yellow bar T4 thralls.

Expected Behavior:

A Named T4 thrall should be a yellow bar, is that not correct? Olivya the Hammer is a named T4 Black Cosair Blacksmith (Edgesmith). She is one of the A, B, C variants that will spawn if you go to single player and use the admin panel to spawn in thralls.

Steps to Reproduce:

Type in “4” into the search box for thralls under the admin panel and just start spawning a bunch of the ones listed. A LOT of the “T4” thralls do not present as yellow bar T4’s.

Xbox as well!
The ones I find on Official PVE server, usually located in the Black Cosair camps.
Such as Ships Cook Marra.
A couple others I can’t remember their names. 1 for sure was a Carpenter.
You go knock them out and it kills them instead.

I’ve seen similar issues as well.
Both in single player and on private PVE servers.

As an added bit of amusement, possibly related, on Siptah, at Arno’s Prospect, a named fighter spawns(Ana the Reaver, Arno and Enikia of Cimmeria, ect), with a Skull on their health bar. They can, however, be given a love tap and brought in for new hire orientation.

As I understand it, Gold Health Bars mean named (T-4) thralls to be brought to the wheel of friendship, while Skull-bearing Health Bars are very unreasonable and cannot be sedated and become a prisoner with a job.

I know it’s Summer break time up in the Nordic League, but if we could get a confirmation from on high that the health bars are intended as I previously mentioned (Gold for Special Thralls, Skulls for non-tameable humanoids) or not, it would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn’t seem like we’ll receive a response regarding this. Perhaps having it posted will at least get it looked at.

Honestly, I don’t expect much in the way of answers until well into next month.

That’s the reality of doing business with a company based out of Norway.
The nation basically shuts down for the whole month of July.
If I recall, it’s called Fellesferie or something similar.

Sadly, threads are locked after a certain period of inactivity. At least the issue is documented.

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