Fix the border for T4 thralls

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Problem: [Misc]
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The next thing, because one time I nearly killed him (talking about: Poris Master Carpenter): Why have so many named (T4) thralls ONLY a white health border?
And no, its not they are “purge” thralls. Because then many of my thralls would be purge thralls (with special recipes), but yet they are normal ones (except Lone Fisherman and Darfari Witchdoctor)

I killed for example " Yog’s Chosen" and maybe even the first Darfari witchdcotor, because sometimes the names dont load up at the beginning… So the golden border is always a sign for = named thrall.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run around the world and encounter some named thralls without yellow health border
  2. If you are unlucky and the name doesnt load at the beginning, you maybe have already killed him
  3. Be sad, because you killed a named/T4 thrall
  4. Go on the forum and create a bug report.
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I agree this should be addressed in addition there are thralls with yellow borders that cannot be knocked out. Fang of Sobek comes to mind. I have not checked in a few patches to see if it’s still that way but if it hadn’t been addressed it should be.


Thats the next thing… Make a special border around NON-knockout-able thralls…

Like the bandits in Sepermeru or the Sobek guys in Xalthars refuge or at least not the same yellow like other named-fighters.


Hello @jot29, thank you for sharing your concern with us, we’ll poke the developers in this regard.


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