T4 Thrall Unnamed City Bug?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : PvE
Region: North America

I stumbled upon new thralls in the Unnamed City around 4-5 NPC including 1 T4 thrall that respawns a different named T4 thrall. Im not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I have tried taming the T4 thrall (Enia the Searcher/Fighter) with a steel truncheon but the knockout bar did not decrease from its max. I’ve tried 20+ hits with no progress. In this area, the T4 thrall is not a conversation NPC because there was no dialogue option and it attacks immediately.
The location of this thrall is at grid D5

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Well written report, @drphilzzz. Better than most that are new to the board.

Enia the Searcher is listed as a resident of the Unnamed City on the Wiki, but does not have a specific page yet, which probably means she was datamined by the professionals there. I seriously doubt much info will be added if she is indeed invincible :wink:

If you would like to see what is available, this will get you there.

Her exact coordinates are listed as:
X: -119630 Y: 167081 Z: -8411

Perhaps some kindly server admin can cloak/fly/truncheon her and help verify your info on a private server or solo game, but often people report things from a solo game that can’t be reproduced on an official server, and vice versa.

Regardless, I’m sure @Ignasis will pick up on this when he is back in the office.

Welcome, and thanks for the info



PS: good name. I have been having problems with my ex lately, got any advice?


As you wander around you will find more camps of these relic hunter NPCs and taller named human bosses.
As far as we can tell the taller named NPCs are not meant to be knocked out. Many have tried, all have failed.
If you don’t mind spoilers then check the 2 March 2019 PC patch notes for other changes to the game.


Actually, I was so impressed with the report I did what I suggested above. Found her the first port, then realized I had no truncheon :blush:

I had to go back and make one, steel with advanced blunt mod, and this is after around 40 whacks on Hat’she, same location. Never having used the KO indicator, I do not know what to look for, but she should have been down by then.

Conditions were PVE, solo play, local computer. Also, she is definitely taller than my default sized toon.


Bug? Dunno, but I defer to @Kwalya as an expert.

Good luck !



The skull indicates that this is a miniboss as far as I know. normal t4 thralls have a yellow/golden border around the health bar.


Yes, the golden border without a skull is what I see for T4 thralls at the Pagoda. I don’t remember if Mei had a skull, but I would give her one !


Yeah you’re right, the thrall is a miniboss so its most likely untamable thanks.

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Welcome to the community @drphilzzz
Arrived a bit late to the party, but indeed as @Testerle has mentioned, minibosses only know the way of steel and not of the klonk.
Thanks for your feedback!


The ‘klonk’ ?! Now my next clan name will have to be “The Way of the Klonk”. Or maybe “Children of the Klonk”. Or “The Worshipful Followers of the Klonk”. Come to think of it, isn’t Klonk the name of the current US president?


How about “Masters of the Klonk” or “The Klonk Clan”?

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You might want to revisted the Asgard Chieftain and the Exiles on the south river, for they have a skull and are knockable.

So either give them golden bars or make them unknockable, but the current iteration seems wrong.

Could you post the exact coordinates?

Get in a safe spot nearby, open a window or use the right control button, then
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + L

Repeat the same to get out of that mode.

You can then paste them to a post here.

Thanks, that would help the devs even more !


Or chat command, ToggleDebugHud.

Commands here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Chat_commands

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