Golems not fully functional until server restart

On the Public Beta (and live game) Golems won’t perform full combos until there’s a server restart, they only swing once then wait to attack again.

Main way to reproduce this is to go into singleplayer, create a golem, then make him fight something. No matter the weapon they only swing once.
Next just return to main menu, continue your singleplayer, then have the golem fight again. Now it’ll use full combos as it should.

Can’t really test this on a server for the Public Beta but I imagine it’s the same issue still from live and it functions the same way.
(also golems still attack / get attacked by friendly thralls)


Can confirm, happens to me in both single player and on me and my friend’s private server, both in the public beta and the live version, been a thing since golems came out

And even when the server is restarted, whenever they attack any golem either kicks once with no follow up, or does exactly 2 attacks then stops
Server restart also doesn’t prevent other thralls/golems from attacking friendly golems, even with war party if you have a golem and any other thrall they just attack each other

It’s incredibly annoying and unfortunate because golems are a cool concept but right now they’re pretty useless and not at all fun to use


Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for this report. Could you share a short video showing what you see in-game, please?

We appreciate your support.

I’ll be honest, the thralls attacking the golem part slipped my mind, but I can do another short video of that if need be.

Here’s the friendly attacking issue

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