Golems (Guardians)

A while back I reported on an issue with the golems.

The issues are still there from being unable to place golems to every follower attacking them.
I attacked one of the golems this time to see what would happen and yeah, every other follower in range targeted that golem.
I was told this has been an issue since golems they first launched.

In hopes of getting this fixed I’ll just leave this here for now, hope it helps.

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Last weekend playing with a friend on Siptah Playstation server and my 2 followers spent plenty of time hacking at clan members following Golum it didn’t seem to take damage can’t remember if it fought back or not. Pve-c server. @Zyshroom Ps. Just a simple Sycyhe golum no attachments that should irritate them

After a purge in PVE three Golems who survived stood there attacking each other. No idea how long they would have tried in vain to destroy each other, if they hadn’t been placed far from each other.

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Seems they are behind Thralls in the IQ contest :thinking:

Wha? Those big automatons lack critical thinking? That seems as fitting as testing Draught of The Dead at the pool of the grey ones, and a Greater Sabretooth attacked the undead, instead of the Reanimated Silent Legion.

Now that’s interesting.

Yeah, they don’t fight back.

From what I have tested so far, they don’t seem to attack other followers unless you hit them yourself.

unsure if this is 100% accurate but yeah.

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That makes perfect sense :ok_hand:I am positive there was friendly fire going on everyone rushing for a target.

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