Got our walls glitched through two days in a row. Why is this even a thing?

First day a player named Bobby Hill on server 1588 came up our base and just looted stations through the walls and killed some of us that were sleeping.
Last night we crenalated the bottom of the base and got rid of the elevator and this morning once again he looted all our stations and through the walls after raid time and killed us.

So funcom why is this a thing? Why do weapons reach through walls? Why can things be accessed through walls? Why is there ZERO way to deal with cheaters? Three clans have been trying to find him for over a week so he is almost certainly undermeshing too. Why is that a thing? Why does it take so long to fix this stuff?


Weapon/tools not only reach through walls in First Person Mode, you can shoot arrows through them as well (Helloooooo gas/oil/fire/smoke/acid arrows). Yes that’s right, you can shove your bow through the wall in first person mode. Something you cannot perform in third person mode.

Disabling first person mode for certain weapons would fix so much and I can’t wrap my mind around why it hasn’t been until it’s fixed, especially since it’s been a day 1 glitch that has forced us to use foundations as walls.

I say fix/disable it, give walls foundation hp and disable wall/foundation (4 walls with a foundation in the center) layering so walls are actually useful again and foundations are for their original purpose, being the ground everything’s built on.


Hey @ExecutiveOdin,

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In the future, if you think something is an exploit, it may be reported to the appropriate place here (“Exploits”):

The way to prevent this is to build the walls using foundations rather than walls wherever you store inventory or have stations.

Also smart to logout in a room surrounded by foundations as well.

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