Thralls disappearing from greater wheel

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In the last 3 days I had 12 thralls (6 each time) disappear from the wheel with nothing showing in the the log. The entire wheel is enclosed with zero holes or spots to for someone to destroy or loot them. My taskmaster is still on the wheel.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Are you playing pvp pve or pvec? The reason I ask is there are some cheats where people can get through walls even those 2 thick foundations. Events log not always to be trusted had some things stolen lately said stolen by then didn’t say who. My guess it would be easier to fall through walls and take thralls out than move torturer from slot and then taking. I am sure there will be others with more input. @Demill

Someone broke them and it’s not shown in the log when the thrall is broken. Yep, no need to open the door, that’s conan dude. It ain’t about playing well, it’s about knowing more glitches!


It is sad @Demill must be playing on pve-c or pvp they would not be able to steal from pve this completely stinks @Communityany thing to be done about this?

Oh bro,I guess u haven’t seen the bases after the green wall. @Community already know about this game. I’ve already uninstalled Conan Exiles because ■■■■■■■ is not competent enough to develop conan exiles. New updates, new glitches! Great game Idea, crappy Job!

Im on official pvp. It continues to happen too. Lost another 4 today.

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That’s FAIL*COM on practice! It might get fixed on the next update. But may tray a flying wheel of pain (another glitch), so no one can remove your thralls! Yep, flying bases are meta again I guess! kk

People are cancelling your thralls through the wall. If you do the lay down emote and then cancel it and go into first person you can see through the wall and see the wheels menu. You can’t actually take stuff out but you can destroy thralls that are not finished. An easy way to prevent this is placing foundations instead of walls or doing double walls

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And perhaps a ring of palisades.

That is an option but kinda unnecessary bc foundation walls already do the job

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Well I have never used the Glitche but someone on my server last year reportedly went through 2 layers of foundations. Of course he may have used another cheat.

If a person went through 2 layers of foundations it has nothing to do with the liedownglitch that we are talking about. The most likely explanation is that somebody sneaked in behind that person or jumped in from a tree of cliff. However a person could also have undermeshed into the wheel of pain building IF it had any ingame floors not covered with foundations. I have never seen anybody mesh into a wheel of pain tho

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