Lost thralls in wheel of pain

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I tamed 4 thralls after 23:00, i I put them on the wheel, and when I went to get them they had disappeared, there is nothing damaged, there is nothing in the history, simply because of a soddyn bug they have disappeared. and that happend with other objets in your action bar too, since months ago…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.take thralls
2.put in the wheel
4.lost all

I can bet that someone looted your wheel.


narelle… out of raided time, no broken structures… nothing in the event history… how can looted anybody my wheel???

Check your log, see if anything’s reported. Also, are you playing solo, or could someone from your clan taken them off w/o telling you?

If someone loots your thralls from your wheel’s inventory (from the inventory not the thrall slot) and he doesn’t take anything else, afaik it will not show in the event log. Same if someone comes and loots your ready pets from your animal pen. How they looted them, not sure. Your wheel is placed directly on the ground (no foundations), I don’t know your location or the layout of your farm base but there are a few possible answers that come to my mind. Whether this was done in a legit way or not, I don’t know but I am pretty sure it was done by a player not due to a game bug.

After testing on a pvp server, it should show in the event log if looted by another player.

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nothing in the log

i know how to build, that house doesn’t have any holes, and i´ll repeat you, things disappear from the game, even from the action bar, i was report that few months ago with weapons in the action bar and in to the horse inventory.
But dont worry i unninstalled it, this game sucks, 4 years and still full of bugs, and will still be full of bugs, becouse this company is a circus, any other company would do it infinite times better.
bye bye

all, all, all, appear in the event log, u take a simple meat of the a simple bon fire… appear in the event log, u take a excrement of the pen, appear in the event log.

You are correct, I have just tested on a pvp server and it showed in the event log when I stole a thrall from a open wheel of pain.

It depends on the wheels state of decay
if the wheel has reached “decayed” it can be looted without the event log showing who did it.

At least this is what the data I have collected so far suggests, I am still investigating this issue.


the wheel has 1 day

good aportation, 1 msg more for your summary

Um, you said bye and did not leave.

What’s up with that?

Hello @Fingerman, thank you for your report, we’ll be sure to forward this issue to the developers.

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