Thralls disappear from Wheel of Pain (including taskmaster & food)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU Server 1115

Hi there!
I’ve had two wheels of pain, one bigger outside of my base but hidden on a beach on an island and another one in the middle of my base.
Both wheels were full with t4 thralls including taskmasters and both wheels surrounded by other thralls of mine.
For some reason, within the last 4 hours, all contents of my wheel disappeared, no thralls left, no gruel left, taskmasters gone, no sign of the thralls at all. Some of which should not even be fully “processed” yet, others were supposed to be ready.
I would not assume this to be a bug rightaway, maybe someone made it to steal them. But between yesterday (20/08) and today, this has happened to a number of different people on my server which makes me wonder.

Did this occur to anybody else ?

Thank you in advance



I would assume that you got robbed. PVP server and your wheels of pain are outside. This is usually how I get most of my thralls.
and some people are jerks and dump the untamed thralls (I don’t do that)

Thanks for your reply! I would’ve assumed the same but one of the wheels of pains is located in the middle of my base. There’s simply no way for someone to enter without either destroying anything and getting attacked by my thralls.
The event log does not state anything neither.

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