Thralls in wheels are gone over night

Hy Guys , We have an problem in siptah with the wheels of pain.
Today is the third day that our wheels bug alls thralls away.

We fill it yesterday with Purge fighters . All 8 Fighters are gone over night.

The wheel is fully build in and nothing is written in the event log. So we think the wheel is our biggest enemy on the server :slight_smile:

Please check this an fix these kind of bugs. That is annoying .

We try other Wheels ( 1/4/8) and Other Locations(on ground/inside Base) but still the same .

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There was a glitch were people can get into your wheels and despawn your thralls. And I don’t believe they left a record in event log. It a jerks move. What kind of server r u on.

official pvp. when an enemy get into your wheel he left a note into the event log for shure.

i got the issue on an privat server too. and the admin check it and found nothing .

if there is an glitch i will see it . i dont beleive it. its just an bug .

and then nis the question why it woks inside an anti climb build pillar base too.

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OK. Have only run a few thralls in the wheel of pain in Sipath. You might want to reach out to @Community and send a note to Zendesk. Good luck

I knew that I had read this happening. Thought they were too fix it

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