Thralls disappearing from wheel of pain


Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [official server 3031]

Had the lone fisherman in a wheel of pain went to take it out said my inventory is full and the thrall has now dissapeared. I logged out and back in to yeild no results.
Getting real sick of losing things on this game it’s letting it down so much. It’s so Buggy glitchy and laggy even with your “updates”

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Why didn’t you give the necessary info.
Console or pc?
Official yes, pve or pvp?
Your task master is still at the wheel of pain or he is missing too? And please your region too, theese info are very important, please give them :wink:.

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Hey @Jman

Welcome to our community.
It’s possible that someone has taken those thralls from your wheel of pain. Please make sure to have all the checkboxes marked when checking the event log, as well as the time for the log before sending a request to fetch the event log.

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