Wheel of pain disappeared + thralls

Game mode: [Online | official pve server
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: Oceania

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Logged on this morning after updating my game and my tier 2 wheel of pain is gone. Cant even collide with it.
I had 3 tier 4 thralls (orgrum iron eater, rayne o’rosewood and some smelter, not idra.) and 1 tier 3 thrall (taskmaster) being trained aswell as a tier 2 taskmaster in the thrall spot.

Theres nothing in the event log, no loot bags or thralls standing around or anything to state that it even existed.

Im located on mitras watch (that cliff over looking the black galleon), at the far end of it towards the stone bridge part of it.

Purge meter is at the first indicator if thats any reason.