Thralls missing from wheel

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I had 3 T4 purge thralls in my wheel of pain breaking and they have all disappeared. Nothing sketchy in the event logs, they are just gone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Possible reasons your thralls are gone.

  1. Clanmate took them, but won’t admit they did.
  2. Random player chanced by, checked the wheel, and took them.
  3. Random new player, not knowing what would happen, tried to take them, but cancelled the breaking process instead.
  4. Should you be a solo player, in a lone clan. Have your Wheel of Pain completely enclosed to prevent randoms from steeling your thralls. Then you truly have a bug. Please try to repeat process and provide as much detail as possible.

Hello @MoldyGalaxy, welcome to the forums!

As Heximiasma has mentioned we’ll need more details to determine if this could have been an issue, as the above scenarios are all a possibility.

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