Thralls DESPAWNED from WOP

Game mode: [Online | official server 3151 PS4
Problem: | Bug | thralls keep disapearing from wheel of pain

It happend 3 Times now

Farming thrall city until i had 4 T4 thralls cooking in the wheel of pain. Waiting forever for Them to finish and then 24 hours later when they should be finished i check the wheel of pain they are gone.
Pist off the first time. Did my best to get 4 new thralls in there and i Just checked in the wheel of pain and gone again

There are some thralls that havent despawned but all T4 special thralls vanished

They arent stolen or despawned by players!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

1 K.O thrall
2 put in wheel
3.wait eternal
4 missing thralls

Is your wheel closed in? Thralls that haven’t been finished in the wheel do not show up in your event log if another player takes them out (basically despawns them).


My wheel of pain is in top of my max height base high on the outside of the vulcano with anti climb to the wazoo. Yes no one took Them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: otherwise other stuff would be gone.

My level 4 alchemist was Just finished. I took him out i see the other ones are done in 1 hour max i logout come back and wheel is empty 3 Times

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