Tier 2 wheel of pain gone pve

Game mode: [Online pve
Problem: Bug
Region: USA

I’m playing PS4 official server #3504pve and I had a wheel of pain tier 2 set up in the mouth of the desert near the iron nodes and between the summoning place and several darfari camps. This gave me easy access to slaves from the camps and brimstone cave. I left two thralls in the wheel with a taskmaster and the next day the wheel is gone. Nothing in the event log. Full purge meter but I already dealt with that (by the way skeletons are NOT a darfari war party and they hit WAY harder but I digress) I have seen other people’s wheels disappear near the summoning place as well. It doesn’t make sense to be the storm or creatures because I’ve got a shelter set up near the same location and it’s still intact.