Gothic Castle - My yogtober contest entry

This is my entry for the Yogtoberfest contest, I hope you enjoy it just as I did building it.

Thank you!


I wish I had all these awesome mods…

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Oh i forgot to post my mod list here in this post, I doubt i used Desert town for example but who knows, i used so many objects… anyways, thank you -

If you are going to loose points is this entrance.
It is a beautiful job and this doesn’t fit

At least not for main entrance of a manor.
I won’t stay in the creativity of mods, beautiful, it gives, but it was not what dazzle me! What dazzle me was the creativity of your building design, location and marriage with the natural environment. I see decades hours in this work, maybe over a hundred!
Stunning work, congratulations, even without mods you could win. I wish you the best :+1:t6:.

Actually i’ve created this building especifically for this contest, I started 18 oct as soon as I seen the Yogtoberfest post.
About the main entrance…well, I’ve never visited a manor in real life but I wanted to create something monumental, dark and maybe mystical to fit the gothic idea that i put in the rest of the building (i was looking to mix elegance, luxurious, magic, rituals and this kind of thing).

Anyway…Thank you for your feedback! I honestly do not understand why you said i’m going to loose points though

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I won’t take this to reduce the glamur of the work you have done. Please let’s focus on the spectacular part of the work. This garden can stay to the side now, the rest was breath taking, magnificent, congratulations once more :+1:t6:.

hope you submit your entry here


Not sure if you won, but DAAAAMN!!! OUTSTANDING!! I’m in a lot of building forums, have seen a lot builds, and this is one of the most well thought out ones I think I have ever seen. It really looks amazing. It’s a winner in my books. :+1: Impressive.

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