Dracula's Castle — Yogtober building contest entry

Okay, here is my entry for the contest. I tried to be dead ass serious with this one and attempted to build a full scale Dracula’s castle. It appears you have to turn yourself inside out if you want to imitate gothic style without mods. It turned a little bit cheesy and gimmicky, but I like it nonetheless. Hope you too :slight_smile:


The full submission is here: Dracula's Castle: a submission for Conan Exiles Yogtober Building Contest (PS4) - Album on Imgur
And the album with more pictures here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet


Omg man, omg, how beautiful it is, fantastic, congratulations :+1:t6:, omg.


Ah Ah Ah Ah


ONE! One Grand Prize Winner! :cloud_with_lightning:


Thank you, my friend :heart:
I took inspiration from Necropolis town from HoMM 5 and Dracula’s castle from Netflix’s Castlevania, but I quickly realized that It won’t be possible to mimic those properly (or would take few months of building).

Ah, stop it :blush:


The one who dwells in this residence appears to really hate those Belmont guys.

Very nice.


Architecturally this one is closer to Carmilla’s castle. But yeah, I agree, Belmonts are not welcomed in there :slight_smile:


Despite the dryness of the story, I am a huge fan of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Your castle fits perfectly into that imagery, and enlivens it.

I might even go so far as to say cinematic OG Salem’s Lot quality.

Very, very nice.


Isn’t Salem’s Lot set in an ordinary two-storey manor house? :slight_smile:

cool house but u also did it there Yogtober: A Building Contest Survey i guess or wherever it need to be uploaded ? otherwise if not in right place would be sad its not taken to contest :frowning:

Not from my recollection. In the book, the King vampire starts out in a very trendy post-Renaissance castle. Granted a lot of it’s in his imagination, but now I can fill in the gaps. Those towers and pinnacles are extremely cool.


Yeah, I submitted my entry properly using this link before posting here. Thank you for your concern!

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That’s probably because I only watched 1979 adaptation and never read the book.

Thank you! Building those drained my soul :smiley:


I thought I saw some Warhammer influences too - especially the suspended towers…

It’s a very cool build, very creative (I might steal some ideas :stuck_out_tongue: ), grats!

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I suppose that’s what this was all about :slight_smile:

Yeah, I really liked the spiraled tower :slight_smile:

That was quite tricky to build. It’s not a spiral, it’s four individual towers stacked inside of each other like a russian doll. First you build a regular round tower (5+12 tiles) and place the walls as you want. Then you place a column in the middle of it (using a column + stairs trick). Then you attach a triangle tile to the column, and build a new ceiling level around it using 9 tiles. This ceiling will be slightly narrower than the first one and you will be able to build walls up. But don’t build walls just yet, because you have to place a column in the middle of the second ceiling level first, and then build a new ceiling from the walls of the outer tower. But this time you attach a triangle tile to the wall that attached to the square tile. This way you make sure that the upper ceiling level will be rotated in relative to the lower level. Then you attach a column from below and place walls up and down, and remove outer ceiling tiles. Then you can build walls for the second tower. For the fourth tower you place a column in the middle of the third tower, attach a ceiling tile to it and build walls around it. I hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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I think it does, I’ll have to try it out though (and save your explanation somewhere lol)


Uproariously good tips.


I love that yell.


You and @3LiON represent the truth of my speaking in here!
You are both pvp players with tremendous imagination on the building aspect. Because pvp servers are overrunned with “boxes”, people tend to believe that pvp don’t know how to build!
I don’t need to say again that my best pve days was in pvp servers, do I?
@Barnes when you builded your hanging wonder, you were playing on ps4, correct?
@3LiON is a Playstation player, no mods, no nothing. You do remember his participation on the temple contest! Builders like @3LiON keep on proving that a good player all he needs is his love about this game and his talent. Because this needs talent my friend, not everyone can be all the time so creative!
Another thing that it needs it’s influences, so I wonder… If pvp build sucks, where @3LiON find his influences :thinking:?
The best builders I ever seen was in pvp servers and I have more hours in pve servers than pvp. Pve has more delicate decorators and that’s a fact, at least for me!