Gportal settings help needed

Just hopped on the gportal app on Xbox to set up a isle of siptah server and noticed the new layout. It looks really nice but I cannot figure out how to renew my server or change the server settings. I am really hoping one of y’all can assist me. I have tried to call gportal customer service but it was not in English.

Hey @Twitchy

In this situation you need to reach G-Portal’s customer service. You can reach out to them via your customer dashboard, where they provide many channels where to get in touch with them. You can also access that page via (need to be logged into your G-Portal account).

You can also change your language and contry options by clicking on the botton right side on the appropriate option.

Got it sorted, in my impatience I failed to wait long enough for the server to stop :joy: after it’s completely stopped the options appear.

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