Gportal Xbox edit via laptop/phone

Hi, recently I purchased a Xbox server for Conan via the gportal app, I want to know if there’s any way I can edit the server settings without doing it via the Xbox browser. I’ve tried logging in to my gportal account on my phone/laptop but I cannot seem to gain access to the correct account. Any help or information would be appreciated!

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I have a couple server’s on gportal however it is Ps4 I can get access with my phone. I generally only use it to reset the server when down and make adjustments on my pc. Some people do it all on phones. Did you set up your account using your Xbox?

I set it up via the gportal app on the Xbox, so I thought my gportal account would be able to be signed in with using my Xbox credentials but when I sign in with them it shows as I have 0 servers. Even trying to change the email or password I have to enter the current password (never set one) so I can’t even do that :joy:

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You can call Gportal and they will help you out. If I remember right 11AM to 3pm EST they are helpful and should be able to fix. You up you can find there phone number on Gportal site. Good luck fellow server owner let us know how it works out. PS.I hate passwords.


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