GPortal connection issue?

So I have a Gportal Server and its been working great , but all of a sudden today I’m having connection issues- “Lost Connection to the server”, I was wondering if anyone else in the community is having this problem or know if there is an issue with the servers, I checked the server status but it shows no issues. I’m not sure if its just my connection or a server issue. I did put in a ticket with Gportal customer service, but I don’t know how responsive they are, but I do know how responsive this community is, so hopefully someone has some information on this.

Not sure if this helps but I have had similar experiences with my ps4 server. Yesterday I had to go into gportal and turn it back on. Looks like they may have done a update. At times my wife has had connections problem and not me. Running ATT. Internet. Have had responses from gportal not sure about weekends.

I think your right, when I turned it back on it ran fine, maybe it was an update or something, Thank you very much for your help :smiley:.

No problem at all. Have fun out there.

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The same thing is going on here wit me. Played on an offical server for 3 days on my xbox one but today i was playing this morning and i died of starvation well on respawn at my bedroll it freezes and shows nothing but water and my loot chest (that was in my house but is just floating above the water) and a window saying connection to server is lost-connection lost and i tried hard resetting my xbox played a different game online for an hour after the reset and it still wont let me join, it says there is 17 people on the server right now but wont let me join. I even messaged one of the players in the server and they said it was fine. But wait theres more now after hours trying to reconnect to the official Server #2588 PvP where i was level 45 wit a decent base, i try to join an entirely different official PvP server to start all over and still says connection lost. I literally just got a funcom account so i could hopefully get some assistance, but after 22 hours of constantly trying to fix this ive gotten no where but more frustrated and depressed over all this bc i really liked this game bc i love conan, but im about to give up on this game…ive asked the devs, still no word… Now im asking my fellow gamers. By crom please someone help me you do not know how cursed i truly am…

Well this is one of the best gaming communities I’ve ever seen so I’m sure someone has some information that will be helpful.

I’ve wondered if my internet connection might be the cause of my server connection being lost or at least some of the problem, I’m certainly no tech expert or even a novice but it would seem that if your internet connection is slow then it would have difficulty keeping a connection to the server. Just something to consider.

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I thought it was my connection to. Until I played dark souls and Rainbow six siege online and didn’t have a problem one. That there tells me that it’s the game and not my hardware. Not saying I have great internet or nothing but, it’s all working fine except when i go to play Conan

I can’t even start over on a different Offical server bc it tells me that I’ve lost connection with the server. On A Server I’ve Not Even Been On.!! It is at this point and its been like this we’ll over 24 hours now, unplayable. It littlirly will not let me join a single server lol and yes my internet and Xbox are both fine I can assure you. Again sorry I don’t mean to blow y’all up or be rude in any way I’m in just very frustrated with this game at this point an am trying my hardest to play it again. I actually don’t wanna give up on this game.

I wish I could help but I’ve never played on someone else’s server, have you tried posting this problem on the bugs forum? Usually if you log out of the game and log back in after a few minutes everything kind of reset’s. If all else fails have you considered starting your own server? It’s pretty easy and if you have any connection issues you can put in a ticket with Gportal.

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