Lost Connection with the server -29 Sep, 2019-

Game mode: Online Xbox1
Problem: Crash
Region: USA East

Hey FunCom, my conan server has been hosted for about a year through gportal.
We have dealt with the “lost connection with server” problems for months by simply doing the quick fix of “starting single Player offline, and then reconnect” and it’s has always worked. However, today both my wife and I cannot stay on. We join our server, it stays up for about 30secs then disconnects and we get the “Lost Connection with Server” message.
We are both wireless connection
Tested all and they are reading fine and good to go.
Other players are on the server currently and not experiencing the issue.
Can you help please?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Join Xbox private server
2.get into game
3.wait 30secs
4. Disconnect " Lost connect with server"

Hello @Justinpauljones, welcome to the forums!

Have you tried to reset your router and to set up a wired connection to your network?

I have this very same issue and have restarted my router, cleared saved game data and done a hard reset of my xbox can you suggest any other issues p.s im using a lan cable
Regards D3ath

Welcome to the forums @D3ath!

On which specific server? Have you tried any other Official server?

2970 is the server and yes its happening on all the servers i play on and has done so since the pre release. I had uninstalled the game and have just returned about 2 weeks ago to begin with it was fine but now i cant stay connected. I have tried resetting my router i have deleted my saved game data i have restarted my xbox and done a hard reset and still cant stay connected for more than 30 seconds.

Are you on a wired or wireless connection?
What’s your connection speed and ping to the server?

Wired on 63ping

Have you tried to fully load into a single player session, exit to main menu, then log in to an intended server?

Yes and that works some times

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