Server Disconnection

Hello fellow exiles. having played over 190 days on official servers i’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, but for the last 24 hours I cannot stay connected to 3 of the servers I play on almost every day or even stay connected after the loading screen…I have the x box onex and an original xbox and both do the same…Single player works fine offline and coop…ive tried a few other servers some with 66 ping or even 160 plus and I can play there, but like I said my 3 regular servers are impossible to play and when I do manage for a minute or 2 I cannot access any inventory items whatsoever then get disconnected…any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (And no I’m not quitting Conan) lol

i am with something like, always played in server america … and of 1 week for today … very lag, not with you move the character … reinstalei the game, testei others games … is everything ok … but in other server not with you play … only in latam server

Guessing there’s just me having these issues judging by the amount of replies…anything from the guys at Funcom???

I still dc from my server sometimes when i re-enter my base, or almost always on my first log in. Are your servers high population? That might play a part. Or maybe its your internet connection? I know this patch kind of made the game a little more just generally laggy. Was it any better before the recent patch?

Hi Cook the servers average 12 players a day…my internet is fast…I truly believe it’s down to the last patch on xbox even though it only started 2 days ago which is kind of strange, my only hope is that todays bug fix that is due out sorts it out, if not i’ll try connecting from another isp.

Its probably the update, i would think

Ok fellow exiles, just a quick update after yesterdays patch…I still could not enter my 2 preferred official servers, I contacted my isp and after a thorough test my line was given the all clear, I tried about half a dozen times to connect then atlast I managed over 5 hours without issues, I then logged off for the night. This morning however I’m still trying to get back on after 3 hours, it’s driving me nuts lol

Have you tried offline single player for a few minutes? If not .Get some one in your server to kill your character if you do not stay in long enough to remove your bracelet

I should have said if single player does not work then try the remove bracele :+1:

This is so dumb. Me and my friends have this same issue. Found the workaround of logging into SP, worked for a bit, then stopped working for some reason. Guess I’ll try killing myself when I log in before it DCs me. Pretty lame you even have to try this. Lol goodbye all my stuff if it doesn’t work.

I hope it worked ? I have no suggestions if not … I have not had to kill myself for a while but usually get in after multiple dashboards :+1:

Tried everything. . Still no joy RIP

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