Kicked out of official server usa xbox one

Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [USA-SOUTH]

ON 2/15 and 12/16 after 5PM on official PVP Xboxone server I am unable to sign in and stay in.
I sign in and stay on for about 15 seconds and go back to XBOX one home screen. I will even play the single player mode for 15 minutes in and have reset my XBOX. nothing works and I am unable to play until the following day before 5PM… Please assist, its frustrating to not be able to sign in during raiding hours, it defeats the purpose of PVP gameplay with a level 60 character and teams at war.

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Been trying to play for the last week and cant connect to any of the servers at all and haven’t received a response from funcom or anything so if you get any help send them my way please.

What do you mean by “reset my xbox”? The only solution to the crashing, is that after you have played singleplayer for 1-2 minutes, you go to the PVP server. And you DON’T restart the game after going into singleplayer.

I know that they are aware of the issue. A mod stated so in another post. We can only hope that the next patch, which I think that it’s coming this week, has the fix.

So you’ve to do the singleplayer thing until then. Play it for 1-2 minutes, then back the servers.

Yeah I havent been able to play for almost 2 weeks now on multiplayer… And doing the single player trick to get online dsnt work for me either.

Damn… :frowning:

Hey there,

Which server is the one you’re experiencing these issues?


Every server I still can not connect to any server even after the update today. And this is the only game I am having an issue with.

Still cant access multiplayer even after update and I cant to the single player trick to get on multiplayer it dsnt work I still cant connect to any server.

All I cant access any server.

Hey @RFXAssassin

Is your network behind some firewall? What’s the ping shown on the server browser when you’re trying to join?

This is happening with others as well. Reddit you can see a few post. Some cannot cannot, and some cannot farm resources or attack mobs. I’m in server 2588 where I cannot farm, and my other server I cannot connect. Any idea when a patch is coming out? I’d really like to play. FYI this is effecting the whole server. My clan, and others. No one I messaged is having a different experience than me on the server.

We’re aware of this issue:

We’re also collecting information about it in this thread, please come by and share your feedback with us: