Still crashing . Losing faith

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Game crashes 20 seconds after logging in. I tried 30 times to play to no avail. Also if game crashes while you are fighting anything, you can kiss your hard earned armor goodbye. I have been waiting since May 8th to fix. Please do something. I feel I wasted $55.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.start game
2. Wait 20 seconds
3. Crash to dashboard


Same thing happening to me

Crashing now repeatedly as well. Did the solo thing which has done nothing. This game is so captivating to play but is super frustrating. I think this is beyond the developers capabilities to correct. They don’t give updates because they don’t know what to do. I feel for them, to know you have a great game you developed but totally unplayable. Bought a Ferrari, but they forgot to put a battery in it and now it won’t start


I feel like they forgot more than just the battery, the really need to do something, like this week and keep us updated or we need to do something to show them this isn’t acceptable. They launched full version and we can’t even play the game, it’s ridiculous and patch coming soon with no note is not an acceptable answer

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Whats worse, this crash didnt exist on game preview, its something from 1.0 and only happens on xbox on top of it.
I have the crash consistently too, but for me entering and exiting single player is a segure 4 hours of gameplay without a crash. Shame it wont work for everyone.


The problem isn’t the game. The problem is the xbox one and one s. Friends with xbox one x hasn’t the problems. The normal one and one s hasn’t enough power to play the game normally.


Thank you for that but Hero, I was unaware that one x users weren’t having the same issue

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I have a one x but still continuing crashes at online server


Theres a fix for this guys. Load single player offline. Play 5-10 minutes. Once that happens hit select go to exit to main menu. then go to online. do not exit game. do this before you play session. It will fix your crashes. It pre loads the gme into the cache and I dont ever crash.


I’ll try that today omen thank you

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Nonse mate. Mine is X Box one and crashes like mad. Sometimes ok to play for an hour or more nd sometimes I get kicked off. Unplayable.

That is not true. I have Xbox One X and it also happens. Although I must say that these last two days has hardly happened to me


No I got the one x and it still crashed … its crap

Not true I get dashboarded several times, and I have been playing on one x since last year.

Xbox One X here. This game has been crashing since pre-release for me. Very early on I decided to stop playing due to crashes until the game was finally released. However, we gave it another shot. My guys and I are playing this game daily now and all experience crashing issues still.

My crew’s consoles:

  • (Mix of Xbox one X, One S, One Original, and Elite edition). So I can confirm that console type doesn’t make a difference.

Game Type:

  • Digital Download (All)


  • Same 20 second crashing behavior regardless of Xbox Type
  • Game Crash loop seem to be related to specific servers? (We’ve been stuck in crash loops on a server and then were able to log in and stay connected to other servers without issues. - Until they started crashing)
  • Crashing can happen anywhere once a character is first in the game world (From desert spawn/new character - seasoned character established base somewhere on the map).
  • Crashing is usually temporary. But during testing for us has lasted anywhere between 5 minutes and 45 minutes.
  • After the 20 second crash loop starts, even if you attempt to disconnect from the server early - the game will crash from the main menu or load screen.

Here are things we try whenever this happens.

After the game crashes:

  1. Open Conan Exiles,
  2. After the game starts, Press the Xbox button, Press Menu on Conan and Quit.
  3. Press the Xbox button again, highlight “Home”, Press the Menu button and press “Refresh”.

Sometimes the above steps resolve the issue, and sometimes the issue resolves itself after sitting in solo-player for 5 minutes. Usually doing both works most of the of the time.

Other things we’ve tried that has produced temporary stable gameplay afterwards:

  1. Clearing the reserved space for the game
  2. Logging into another Online Multiplayer server temporarily and staying connected past the 20 second crash loop timeframe

Good luck exiles.

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Is anyone still crashing after today’s patch? I haven’t crashed once yet :smiley:

Edit: aaaaaaand I just crashed running through the savannah, probably been trampled by 5 elephants and 4 rhinos by the time I get back on :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Only started crashing after patch…maybe 2-3 crashes prior, now can’t even join my server


I find it so strange that there are so many people crashing with the same systems. I have been lucky and only crashed a couple times since I started playing. It just doesn’t make sense that so many people are having such a widely different experience with the exact same consoles.

My crashes are hit and miss…

I can play on my Official PvE server for hours If I do a hard restart on my xbox prior…

sometimes even after a hard restart, I’ll load the game, get in, and crash… I immediately start loading the game and boom… no problems, I can play for hours straight without a disconnect…

Edit: I’m on Xbox One X with a hardwired 150mb connection.

Even if you can get in-game, this patch is a disappointment. Might be time to hang up CE. Sea of Thieves just updated today…Might be time to get back out on the seven seas.