Crash crash crash and again

Love the game but I have now decided to count crashes.

I am running Xbox One X
In Game Preview I had 2-3 crashes in 2 or 3 months.
After release I am now counting 53 crashes to “desktop”. What is happening? I like this game but its pretty unplayable now for me.

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Its also completely inconsistent as far as I can tell.

I played 2 hours this morning with no issue. Then 18 crashes within 10 secs (I literally just logged into the world and crashed ).

Restarted Xbox one X and tried some other games then came back and 12 crashes in 20 minutes…

Yep same here, then id have 2 hours issue free.

108 crashes so far and counting…

112 now…Funcom this is a serious issue and deserves an emergency patch. Game is almost unplayable on Xbox one X

Gonna keep this thread up until this is fixed. 116 now…

1 hour now and not a single crash maybe I am in luck today…

256 crashes so far…this is not normal…

It’s only loading screen for me om ps4…

Played now 1 hours without a single crash I have no clue what makes it

Still crashing consistantly. its maddening to crash and logon just to crash again but you are trying to get your character to base. then you die to a sandstorm or scrub. its just unplayable now. tried 6 different servers, best was an official EU server, I am in USA, but that is crashing constantly now. please offer any advice for game settings, etc that may help

On pc when you crash you get the joy of not being able to log back in for hours because every single server is full.

This is what I do in xbox. It works for me and I crash maybe twice a day playing about 8-12 hours. Once I crash if I can skip the intro video then I log in to single player for 5 minutes, log off then continue online. If it doesn’t skip the intro then go to home and close game and try again, if you skip it, follow step 1 above. Let me know if it helps.

300 crashes so far gonna try the single player trick will let you know.

@Funcom, this is not OK

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