The Xbox crashing issue seems to be back

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [U.S. Central]

It is 2/8/21 and I dont know about everyone else but the crashing issue seems to be back and still have corrupted data message. I am on xbox one X. Last update was going great the last week or so started having same issues. Can play for about 3-4hrs or so then random crash straight to xbox dashboard. I reopen game log back in on a server and within 10sec or so instantly crash again. Most I tried was like 15 times constant crashing. Doesnt matter if I try to switch servers or not. I literally have to stop playing for hours and then I’m fine to play again until same thing happens all over again.

So my cousin and i are looking to play this but it seems to be still broken on xbox 1 !?? What on earth ? Its been 4 years O…o
I played on PS4
And am willing to buy it again for xbox 1 but im not sure i want to!!!
Pay 50$ for a game uncertain it will play???
Common now guys 4 years and you haven’t figured it out yet ??
the likelihood and probability of getting it right is pretty grim.

The patch was for a specific crash but it might have been a duo issue to say

Exp crash they fixed stopped (a) issue but then (b) issue started to crash or lag out hard but maybe b is affecting a now and seems more apparent unfortunately

If available can you uninstall and reinstall as in other games example fallout 4 allowed mods and I got it on pre purchase but never uninstall it after 4 years but everything bug wise was very apparent eventually the game got me stuck in every new game at the end of the vault and could never play again I asked devs and that what they told me and lots of problems over years I’ve had were gone or i didn’t notice so give it a try

Yeah I tried the uninstall/reinstall. First game I played crashed about an hr into it, and corrupted data message came back, and same crash issues. I mean, I can usually get about 3-4hrs in b4 it does it. Atleast it’s not every hour like a few of my friends. But they are on regular xb1. Infact 1 of them just uninstalled today because they tired of crashing every hour or so.

It never left


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